Eliminate this with a client-server network.

Why you need a real network.

Because you're tired of queuing up just to send a fax, for one.  

With a real network your fax server does the work, freeing your company or school staff to take care of more important business. 

You'll be surprised how economical it is, in a design best suited to your company, using a product like Microsoft® Small Business Server 2003, and the exceptional 3Com line of networking equipment.  It pays to get the information.  

Why not take a moment and review our Network Basics?

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Licensing Online:

Shopping for software (or to increase license numbers) for your school or business? 

We are pleased to now provide a 'one-stop' opportunity to obtain quotes for and procure a wide variety of software and software licenses through Enterprise Technology, Inc.

We are presently offering software and/or licensing online for these products and brands:

* Microsoft (including volume Open Licensing)
* Symantec
* Computer Associates
* TrendMicro
* Executive Software (Diskeeper®, etc.)
* McAfee
* ScanSoft (OmniPage, TextBridge, PaperPort)
* Ultrabac for Windows NT
* Connectivity Systems
* Inteletek
* NTP Software
* InDefense
* Above Board (Abtrac Time & Cost System)
* Haaverson
* Interteq Software

Note that there is no obligation on your part in order to obtain an online quotation using this system, and as to information you provide your privacy will be fully respected.  Please sign in as an SMB (Small to Medium Business) customer when completing the forms. 

If you prefer not to register, just contact us with your software and licensing requirements and we will be happy to directly provide you with a detailed quotation on our letterhead.  In this event, you may wish to click the link below and then press the 'Go' button under 'New Shoppers Begin Here' to obtain SKU numbers and MSRP information.

We are pleased to offer extremely competitive pricing and welcome the opportunity to serve as your procurement reseller, should you agree that our prices are the best you can find.

To check pricing and generate a real-time quotation, please click here.

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Need a new hard drive, more memory, or maybe a CD writer?  Call us with your needs for a quick quote -- we ship everywhere!

Setting up a new office?  We can supply everything: PCs, servers, wiring, switches, software, staff training.  

Let us visit your site and provide a no-obligation estimate of what we can do to improve performance and productivity.  Or, if you already have a new network design in mind, let us know and we will gladly review and respond to your RFP.

Looking to web-enable your company or organizational booklets, documents or forms?  We provide complete Adobe® PDF conversion services, including creation of fill-in forms using your statics!




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Download one of our free screen savers for your Windows desktop PC. Check the list below and click the 'Go' button to head to our download area.

Our Boise ID Screen Saver v1.1 as well as our Blood, Sweat & Beers Vol. I Screen Saver have been highly rated by Nonags:

Nonags Software
Nonags Software

Tucows Screen Saver of The Day Award - Boise ID
Our Tucows Screen Saver of the Day Winners:

Boise, ID v1.1 (July 2000);  Korean War DocuSaver™ (Dec 2000); and Blood, Sweat & Beers Vol. I (June 2001); Life on the Undersea Reef v1.0; Historic Idaho City (August 2001)  Silver City Idaho (August 2002)

* Boise, ID Screen Saver,  v1.5. A Tucows Screen Saver of the Day winner!

* US Battleships -The Early Years.

* Worlds of Space.  

* Korean War 50th Anniversary, v1.0.  A Tucows Screen Saver of the Day winner!

* Sky Warriors I & II.   A top download everywhere.

* 1960s, 1970s and 1980s Junk Drawer series.  

* Blood, Sweat & Beers. Top-rated at "6" by! And Tucows Screen Saver of the Day for 06/30/01!

Historic Idaho City.  A Tucows Screen Saver of the Day!

Life on the Undersea Reef.  Another Screen Saver of the Day winner!

University of Idaho.  Visit the campus!

Inspiration in Glass. A rare very-close-up look at the art of classic religious stained glass.  

The Oregon Coast.  Scenes of the south Oregon shore and coastal mountain range.

Boise Then & Now.  Colorful modern Boise and memorabilia from the recent and distant past.

*Roadster Show: Boise.   Rods, customs, racers & classics!

*Silver City, Idaho.   Premier Ghost Town in the Owyhee Mountains. A Tucows SSOD Winner!

Above from Boise ID Screen Saver v1.1. Many more are now available in our just-released Boise ID Screen Saver v1.5.  Enjoy!

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