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Our Free Stuff Page.

Download the freebies shown to the right ... use them for your personal desktop enjoyment, but please don't re-distribute, alter or use for commerical purposes without getting our permission first.   

If you would like a custom-made screensaver for your business or organization to distribute, please contact us for details on how we can work together.  Feel free to email us at info@enterprise-technology.net.

All images in the screensavers and wallpaper categories were created and are copyrighted by Enterprise Technology, Inc.

We look forward to bringing you more desktop enhancements from time to time.  Currently in progress is our Inspiration in Glass, a virtual close-up tour of astonishingly beautiful religious stained glass!

Now available is version 1.5 of our Boise ID Screensaver, with 16 additional images from the Boise metropolitan area and recreational environs, for a total of 29.  Also included is an attractive screen providing statistical information about Boise's population, weather, schools, and more.

Our Boise ID Screen Saver v1.1 has been highly rated:

Nonags Software

Download v1.1 by using the links below,  or at Nonags.

From Our Boise Screen Savers
Boise Screenshot

Boise ID v1.1:

Windows 95 users, download boi_ssvb.exe. It contains Visual Basic 5 runtime files which may be needed on your computer.  If you are sure you already have the VB5 files, download the smaller file instead.

Windows 98 and others, download boi_ss.exe.

Download the newest, v1.5, by using the links in the right column of this page.

From Our Battleships Screen Saver
US Battleships Screenshot

Be sure to also check out and download our recent offering: US Battleships - The Early Years v1.0!   It's specially optimized for 1024 X 768 desktops (although it works just fine for the 800 X 600 desktop as well)!  Included are period images of the USS New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, North Dakota, and others, as seen on postcards of the 1900-1920 era.

Korean War 50th Anniversary Commemorative

Our newest complimentary screen savers are:

Worlds of Space v1.0, with 22 grand images of our solar system, galaxies and far-off nebulae.  Great as both an entertaining and educational addition to any home PC! 

Korean War 50th Anniversary v1.0 DocuSaver(tm) -- more than just a screensaver; it's an education!  Read more about these at the right, and download the edition which is right for your personal desktop display resolution.  A Tucows Screen Saver of the Day winner!

Sky Warriors I (v1.0) -- Best of breed fighters and bombers of the WWII/Korean War era, featuring images from NASA-Langley showing many of the planes in experimental stage.  Includes rare views of period ads, employee passes and manufacturer memorabilia.  Covers the B-17, B-24, RA-30, TBF, Spitfire, Hellcat, and many more.  Sky Warriors has been rated 'Exceptional' by FreeSaver.com, a great resource for screensavers of every description!


Blood, Sweat & Beers (v1.0) -- An unusual and artistic look at drag and circle track NHRA/NASCAR racing from the early 1990s, with great scenes of pit action, staging, launch, and neck-and-neck track competition.  The first in a series, with more to come.  These views are suitable for framing!  Take a look at the screenshot below -- there are plenty more of these in the screen saver itself.  Completely free, with full install/uninstall support.

Historic Idaho City (v1.0) -- A visual tour of the preserved 1860s Gold Rush boom town.  See the trading posts, jail, firehouse, saloons and relics of the mining days of the 19th century.

Boise Then and Now -- Modern Boise, Idaho, along with interesting cards, pictures, patches and assorted colorful memorabilia from the recent and distant past of Idaho's capital city. Perfect for the 800 X 600 or larger desktop.

Boise Then & Now Screenshot

Life on the Undersea Reef (v1.0) -- From the comfort of your desktop you can join a team of divers searching out the most colorful and interesting examples of flora and fauna on a shallow undersea reef!

University of Idaho (v1.0) -- Its late summer in the Palouse region of northern Idaho, and the campus of the University of Idaho is in full verdant splendor as her students begin to return for another year of study.  Take a look at the interesting mix of traditional and modern design styles which adorn Idaho's first institute of higher education! 

We've all admired the art and workmanship embodied in the classic stained glass windows of the European cathedral.  Here's an opportunity to get a very close view of some of the most brilliant examples of this form of art and spiritual inspiration.  You can download it here, right below!

Inspiration in Glass 1.0:

More than twenty very vivid examples of some of the best classic themed stained glass, in colorful detail.

download glass.exe (3.8MB) for 800X600 or higher display resolution.

1970s Junk Drawer Screen Saver shot

1970s Junk Drawer 1.0:

Page after page of the people, places and things that made the 'me' decade what it was.  Farrah Fawcett, the Fonz, Nixon, Joan Jett and many more!

download glass.exe (3.8MB) for 800X600 or higher display resolution.

Sky Warriors II

Sky Warriors II:

Thirteen sharp pages of photos, artwork, patches and medals related to the US Air Force and its lineup of modern jet-powered and classic piston-powered aircraft!

download sw2setup.exe (3.3MB) for 800X600 or higher display resolution.

Silver City, Idaho: 

Sixteen screens of quality images of Idaho's premier Ghost Town of the Owyhee Moutains, set to the traditional appalachian fiddle tune, "Wild Rose of the Mountain." The Tucows Screen Saver of the Day for August 27, 2002!

Download sc_setup.exe (2.5MB) for 800X600 or higher display resolution.

1980s Junk Drawer:
For Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP.

Seventeen pages of the faces, places and phases of the 1980s. See the shining light ... .

For 800 X 600 (or higher) resolution, please download 1980setup.exe now. (4.6MB)


Enterprise Technology, Inc.
Boise, Idaho USA


(c) 1997-2002
Enterprise Technology, Inc.
Boise, ID * USA
all rights reserved. 




New! Boise, ID v1.5:
For Windows 95/98/NT.
Twenty-nine views of Boise, Idaho, including the state capitol, Kathryn Albertson Park, Rose Hill Civil War Cemetary, ParkCenter Pond, the foothills,  Bown House, Morrison Park, and more, together with a 'Boise-at-a-Glance' information page.

Versions are available for both the
800X600 resolution desktop and the 1024X768 desktop.  Of course, the 1024 version will work well for the 800X600 sized desktop, but the images will not fill the entire screen. However, they will appear exceptionally sharp and clear. So, it's simply a matter of personal preference.  Both versions contain identical images.

Listen to soothing music as the images parade across the screen, or simply use the screen saver settings to toggle off the music.  Use the same settings area to control transitions and select any included image to be your desktop wallpaper.

Download links:

US Battleships - The Early Years, v1.0: 

For Windows 95/98/NT.
Eleven colorful period photos and colorizations of US battleships of the 1900-1920 era, along with a bonus: extraordinary images from WWI, including Reims Cathedral, General Pershing and the German Big Bertha emplacement that fired upon Paris.

Set to music and fully configurable, our US Battleships - The Early Years v1.0 is perfect for even the 1024 X 768 desktop.

download bbsetup.exe now (1.6MB)

Worlds of Space, v1.0:

For Windows 95/98/NT.
Twenty-two very colorful images of our solar system and the galaxies and clusters far, far beyond, courtesy of the Hubble Space Telescope, the Appollo Missions, and the archives of the National Space Science Data Center.  Fully configurable, with 27 transition options.

download wos1_86.exe now (2.7MB)

Korean War DocuSaver(tm) Screenshot

Korean War 50th Anniversary Commemorative DocuSaver(tm), v1.0:

For Windows 95/98/NT.
Join with us in honoring the valor and sacrifices of the UN Forces in the ten difficult campaigns of the 1950-1953 Korean War.  We call this a DocuSaver(tm), not just a screen saver, because it offers more of an insight into the subject matter than mere pictures could possibly provide.  Take a look, and let us know what you think.

download KW8610.exe (3MB) now if you have an 800X600 display resolution.

download KW1010.exe (3.5MB) now if you have a 1024X768 (or higher) display resolution.

Sky Warriors I:

For Windows 95/98/NT/Me/2k.
Rotating high-quality images of the greatest fighters and bombers of the WWII/Korean War era, along with period ads and rare manufacturer memorabilia.  A 'must-have' for military/aviation buffs!  

download sw1setup.exe (2.6MB) for 800X600 or higher display resolution.

The Sixties Junk Drawer:

All those little things from the 1960s that you hardly ever get to see any more! Patches, pins, posters, labels, celebrities and events, brought to life once more on your own desktop!

download 60setup1.exe (2.9MB) for 800X600 or higher display resolution.

Blood, Sweat & Beers 1.0:

The art of drag and circle track NHRA/NASCAR competition of the early 1990s, with full install/unistall support!  Highest rated by Nonags and a Tucows Screen Saver of the Day winner!

download bsb1.exe (3.4MB) for 800X600 or higher display resolution.

Historic Idaho City, v1.0:

Idaho City, Idaho - an 1860s Gold Rush boom town well preserved amid the ponderosa pine forest of the Boise Basin northeast of Boise! Join us on a visual tour of the area.

download bsb1.exe (3.1MB) for 800X600 or higher display resolution.

Frat House on UI Campus

University of Idaho, v1.0:

A colorful mix of traditional and modern styles of design, Idaho's namesake university is academic home to about 11,000 students pursuing a wide range of majors.  Take a summertime tour of this attractive campus with us!

download uisetup.exe (2.5MB) for 800X600 or higher display resolution.

Coastal Oregon.

Coastal Oregon! 
The Oregon Coast, v1.0:
For Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000.
The rugged shore and mountainous terrain of the Coastal Range in 26 colorful images for your desktop!

For 800 X 600 (or higher) resolution, please download or1setup.exe now. (3.3MB)

Boise, ID - Then and Today!

Something Old, and New! 
Boise Then and Now:
For Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000.
Images of bright, new Boise alongside postcards, photos and assorted interesting memorabilia from out of Boise's recent and distant past!

For 800 X 600 (or higher) resolution, please download boisetup.exe now. (2.1MB)

Rolling Thunder Review! 
Roadster Show: Boise 2002
For Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000.
33 big scenes of the best of the rods, customs, cruisers & classics at the March, 2002, Roadster Show in Boise, Idaho!

For 800 X 600 (or higher) resolution, please download brsetup.exe now. (4.6MB)


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